The sexual chains that bind.

Progress is defined by man’s increasing ability to control his environment and assert his will over it. It’s as simple as that. This, we know.

This therefore presents us with the irony that is the self-proclaimed “progressive man” who’s at once hell bent on giving up his her control and at the same time adopting an entirely unwarranted high-mindedness out of something called “humanitarianism.” That is, she despises the mere notion that some people are better than others and have some things that lesser people don’t, much less the “aggressiveness” inferred by the presentation and exercise of this material fact in situ and in praxis.

“It’s not fair,” they claim. “It’s just showing off,” they continue. “It’s not right for superiors to lead or oppress their inferiors in any manner whatsoever.” As if the world should be flat as a board, we should all be as equal as the day we were born, and everything should be available to anyone just for the wanting of it. Uhuh. Right. This being patent nonsense and demonstrably destructive to all that is human culture and civilisation notwithstanding, it also turns out to have unfortunate consequences in the bedroom.

Even before both men and women were treated to the wonderment that is the expanded mind and tickled curiosity of The Internet Porn Revolution, it wasn’t unusual for an otherwise upstanding woman to ask her male partner to play his role under the covers.i That is, to choke, spank, and otherwise dominate her up to and just a little beyond her threshold of comfort.

It’s quite natural and perfectly normal, this. It’s not “weird,” it’s not “bizarre,” and it’s most certainly nothing to be afraid of nor shied away from. It’s an entirely biological prerogative and all the more stimulating for it. The desire to yield control to a stronger entity is quite real and arguably one of the most fundamentally human traits there are. She wants to know that you’re the more risk-tolerant and forward of the pairing and that you’re ready and willing to demonstrate this in the most carnal of capacities.ii

This isn’t the time for unconditionally loving the shit out of her, this is the time for fucking the shit out of her.iii

This dynamic and desire being present regardless of the happenstances of time, place, and political machinations, the emasculated men being pumped out by the shedload by the socialist west such as it is today find themselves in an tricky position. Content as they are to fold their flaccid cocks in half and insert it ever-so-gently into the space between their “significant others'” legs, lest it be too much trouble for the impossibly delicate ladyparts to handle head-on, they’re quite unable to make heads or tails of this whole lovemaking business. The same goes for their empowered female companions, now stuck with neotenic boymen who respect them so much they can’t even give the women the proper shagging they so desperately need.iv

The issue at hand being that women are women, and that means that unlike little girls, they aren’t anywhere near as delicate as beta “progressive men” imagine.v Grown ass women are in fact looking for a bit more roughness, a bit more exploration, and bit more domination and assertiveness from their sexual partners. The unwillingness and therefore the inability of “men” who de dacto are anything but, to play their roles in the bedroom just because they’ve been asked to share more roles in the community is nothing less than a travesty. It’s no wonder polygamy is on the

Seriously, if a girls asks you to grab her by the throat when you’re both derobed on a sunny Sunday afternoon at your place, she’s not also asking you to punch her out in an elevator like some two-bit basketball player, she’s asking you to demonstrate your physical strength and psychological assertiveness. Y’know, like a man : the kind that goes hunting for sport.

She’s not asking for abuse, she’s willingly presenting herself to you as your subject, with you as her master. She’s not asking to be treated as an inferior in the boardroom, she’s asking you to do your job in the bedroom. Your role in the sexual domain does not give you warrant and license to make executive decrees in other domains, unless that’s the agreed upon arrangement there too. Each domain is to be treated individually and by the individuals involved. There are no hard and fast rules to any of this, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t biological imperatives guiding behaviours either.

This might go without saying but I’ll say it anyways : none of this is coerced – it’s all very much voluntary – and it’s up to each couple to use their fucking words to determine how responsibilities are to be delegated.vii

Don’t go walking around choking-out random passerbys. Do rise to the opportunities presented to you.

Take a risk. You’ve got nothing to lose but the chains that bind you.

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  1. Or her female partner, as the case may be. Really, gays and lesbians are no more equal than same-sex couples – there’s still a chick and there’s still a dude – there’s still a top and there’s still a bottom.
  2. That is, if you’re been able to meet your homeostatic and materials needs, it’s time to take things to the next level :

    III. Sexual domination. This means, the ability to pin a female of the species down long enough to stick it in her. Strictly, strictly that. This is shared with all mammals, for that matter, and while some people may consume a more refined version of the above, nevertheless the need itself is quite as raw as stated. Whether you eat pressed duck or mcshit, whether you order your wife to bring in the maid on a leash or run around groping girls on the campus, it’s still number 3.

  3. Not that you can’t have both. In fact, it’s both that are needed.
  4. Without even making it to a proper bang, how are couples supposed to graduate to assplay and beyond ? Hint : no way, no how. For shame.
  5. Lest we forget that adult women are quite capable of handling vaginal birth (more than once !), a process so much more painful than anything any man will ever experience, outside of perhaps the most degraded torture chambres. Perhaps.
  6. In America, at least, the “moral acceptability” (however one may define that) of polygamy has more than doubled in the past 15 years from 7% to 16%, according to Gallup.
  7. Attempts to coerced subjection, like all attempts at coercion be it taxes or car sales or sex, are naturally to be met with disdain and discomfort. Saying shit like “You know you want it” and “Yea, you like that” might work in porn, but it doesn’t work in real life anymore than showing up on a random doorstep with a box of pizza and expecting to bang the lady of the house does.

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