The revolutions just keep revolving don’t they.

From the land of milk and honey :

pete_d: ["Protesters close Calais over refugee crisis: 'We are not racist but we see no solution'"] << Lorry drivers vs. the monkeys in al-Paris : The grudge match continues.
mircea_popescu: Ahahaah these people are so cute, ““We are not racist and we are not Front National [the far-right party of Marine Le Pen]. We understand there is a humanitarian question here, that there are people living in misery, but we are living with incivility and a growing feeling of insecurity,” Jean-Pierre Clipet, of the FDSEA farmers’ union, said.” THEY JUST WANT TO!

pete_d: They’re savvy enough to know how alt-left media will frame them. “Oh you don’t want to date Shaniqua because you don’t like her as a person ? Racist!”
mircea_popescu: They’re however not savvy enough to realise that the fact that nobody wants them means exactly this – that nobody wants them. Somehow they bought into the whole sacred life thing. “The Government” should intervene to make sure that Calais looks like what Group A would, rather than what Group B would ? Da fuck is this ? “Oh, because Group A failed to repress Group B because they thought they had a deal with the government”. Don’t fucking make deals with the government.

pete_d: To the extent that they’re ‘playing by the rules of the prison’, it’s SOP at this point. Obv, no one told them that their gov was indeed cancelled and any ‘social contracts‘ flowing therefrom, or perceived to be flowing therefrom.
mircea_popescu: How is their government cancelled ? it’s working exactly as they intended it to work. “No favoritism” they wanted ; and “equality” they wanted, and “down with corruption and old boys networks”, they wanted. Well what, this only applies to other people ? Turns out according to government, migrants have more right to Calais than whoever kulaks are complaining. For the very simple reason – the migrants need the government more ; and ask it for less. No brainer. Think of it as town-sized eminent domain, if you will. Govt improving the land occupation.

pete_d: ‘Their’ government being the part that was cancelled. They created Frankenstein, now he lives independently from the good doctor.
mircea_popescu: Heh. I have NFI how they imagined “decolonialism” will work out as anything other than “Bitch, you’re the African now”. Oh wait, wait, because if they say there’s no social hierarchy there… won’t be any. Right, I forgot.

pete_d: Just like in times of Giza snow pyramids!i I recently just learned of Sikh practices around ‘equality’, specifically with regards to naming (all girls are surnamed ‘Kaur’, all boys ‘Singh’ until married). No moar caste sistam u guise! The revolutions just keep revolving don’t they.ii

And yet they keep coming back to A > B > C > D > E > F … instead of the A = B = C = D = E = F they wishfully wish could be.

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  1. This being a reference to some bits from MP’s Soviet childhood, as revealed during his chronicling of Elliot Rodger :

    I was also fascinated with fire ; this resulted in my parents explaining fire safety to me and otherwise letting me be. I’d occasionally construct little bonfires, and eventually ended up with a private chemistry lab in no small part for this reason.

    It should be noted that the commoners (there’s nothing more stratified than a “people’s democracy”) were very much scared of a fascination with fire in young children, whereas intellectuals mostly saw it as mildly promising. Nothing has changed in this classification of you.

    To understrand my childhood bliss, you have to understand how Romania operated at the time. So :

    I. You could not buy a house. The state would take you from whatever house, and send you to either school, army or workplace. As a noaten* you’d be entitled to barracks-style accomodations, between twenty and fifty to a room.

    II. Once you found a woman, and knocked her up (the commies didn’t give much of a shit about anything else) you’d announce the deed to the male hut (ie, “workplace”), and they’d put you on a list. By and large, by the time she was delivering they’d be giving you the keys to a new apartment, where to live like a couple.

    III. This means that whole endless miles upon square miles of land were developed in exactly identical apartment buildings, which were filled with couples who had first children of the same age. Imagine this if you will, within a one mile radius from where I lived there also lived a good ten thousand children of the exact same age as me. Football teams ? We had FIFTY. Winter wars ? Pray to whatever gods your parents know ; for you’re getting covered under a reconstruction of Gizeh’s pyramid in fresh snow.

    * Noaten is the Romanian word for a lamb from weaning to two years of age.

    If that’s not some imagery of life behind the Iron Curtain of Romania – where, lest we forget, my mother also spent her earliest years, if under Gheorghiu-Dej – I don’t know what is. There’s really no way to read first-hand accounts like this and still think you live in the most glorious and “kingly” time that ever existed. 

  2. To quote one of my other favourite bits from the aforementioned chronicles (talk about quotable) :

    The term is used here in its proper sense. Think for a moment, what is a revolution ?

    The Earth revolves around the Sun, is that right ? And it completes one such revolution in just about one year. That’s what a revolution is : the repeating, periodic, endless.

    Yes, I’m aware that you imagine it means on the contrary : change ; progress ; gargle. Are you aware how much of an idiot you are ?

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