Penny stock spam texts: an anthology.

Google may be the serpent eating its own head – where its head is the artist formerly known as “search” – but we can give credit where credit is due for it having resolved the whole e-mail spam issue, even at the cost of wedging you into the straight jacket of GMail.i

That being said, no one has yet figured out how to block SMS spam – nor does such a solution seem to be on the horizon – not least of all because each mobile device only has the one built-in app/client available.

So what does this filterless free-for-all look like ? Here are a few such texts I’ve received in the last few weeks :

From: 222220002 []
Subject: Strong Buy **ACNU**ii
Spring Monster Penny Stock Pick!

From: 333330000 []
Subject: ** ACNU ** Monster Penny Stock Pick —Up Over 20% Today!!!

From: 222220001 []
Subject: amazing day ACNU up 30% get in book profits!! –v-WM

From: 222220000 [childlike saul clever]
Subject: $$$ for you

From: 333330000 []
Subject: Expected to be the BIGGGEST Mover for June, “ADHH”.iii Jump on this one TODAY! Up 2

From: 333330001 []
Subject: TOP PENNY PICK – ADHH is expected to make a run gaining 3000% by the end of June

Maybe my telco sold my data to some scammers who figured out that I’m no stranger to finance, but this just goes to show how useless metadata is : I’ll wear the Queen’s crown on my head before I ever buy a fiat penny stock, much less one recommended to me by someone outside my WoT.

Also, gotta love that I can’t even click on the weblinks from my RAZR flipfone.

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  1. Yes, GMail “solved” this problem, but at the same time the whole e-mail spam industry is one created by Google expressly for the purpose of driving GMail adoption, which it equates with eyeballs… and pr0fit!!1
  2. Of course, I couldn’t even find the bloody stock listed anywhere. WTF is the point then!!
  3. AHDD appears to be Adaiah Distribution Inc, which, quite fittingly, even has a Nasdaq page.

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  1. […] vests is that the singular pocket is too small to fit an iPhone. You could fit an old skool RAZR and some cash in there, but that’s about it. I still love the vibrant colours and calculated […]

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