Census says…

British Census jobs 1881

To which we might (meanly) add for the 2016 census :

  • Social Media Professional
  • Tech Evangelist
  • Post-Doc Candidate
  • WoW-head
  • Computer ninja
  • Redditard

Or more lightly add :

  • Circle squarist
  • Potato chip operator
  • Admirer of admirers
  • Semi-professional baklava
  • Rintintin
  • Cat in shoe
  • Luminosity inspector
  • Badger impersonator
  • Security camera
  • Elephant ejaculator
  • Business plan
  • Two-bit barrister
  • Aircraft re-icer
  • Skyscraper demolition artiste
  • Belicose wagger
  • Fagget, a big one
  • Auctioneer of used atomic dirigibles

What would you tell The Man ?

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