USGavin’s headless body moves on, #bitcoin-assets moves up.

USGavin, the mole planted in Vessenes’ scam foundation by you know who, the incapable and willfully ignorant derp who tried to break Bitcoin with 20MB blocks and was sunk on the open seas of battle so badly that he never even found a fraction of a percentage of his mother’s friends to support him, much less any miners of consequence, has moved on from his role as that sorry excuse for a “community” front to a new role at the Massachusetts potato research institute.

USGavin’s head still sits atop a spike on the walls of the most serene republic, as a warning to any and all who would oppose it, while this woefully non-threatening headless horseman rides gently on, kicking up dust and mostly steering his steed into the sides of barns and through farmer’s fields, striking terror in the hearts of exactly no one and inspiring only the most insipid and rank creatures, those too blind to see, those without proper leaders to guide them.

But I digress in metaphor, USGavin published a letter announcing his move just a few hours ago, from which :

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined the MIT Media Lab’s newly launched Digital Currency Initiative to continue my work on the Bitcoin project. I’m looking forward to working with all the amazing people associated with the initiative.

Wladimir van der Laan and Cory Fields,i both formerly of the Bitcoin Foundation, have also decided that MIT is the best place to continue their work on Bitcoin Core and have joined the Media Lab as well.

So, does this mean that MIT has taken over from the Foundation as the center for “core development”?

No. The Bitcoin Foundation was never the center of development;ii the Bitcoin Core open-source software project has been the center,iii and like most open-source software projects, the developers who work on Bitcoin Core are supported in many different ways. Some work for companies that want to see Bitcoin succeed,iv some for nonprofits, and many are self-funded and self-motivated.v

Diversity in developer support is good because it means less disruption if support from any individual, company, or organization fails.

So USGavin’s headless yet partially animated corpse is falling like a dinosaur-destroying meteor straight into his father’s arms. His father thinks he can catch the jeune sans tête, but his father’s bones are getting a bit too brittle to play this game. MIT’s chances of taking this blow aren’t so

But don’t take my word for it :

mircea_popescu: Anyway, #bitcoin-assets vs MIT is a lot better than #b-a vs some scammer’s fake “foundation”. We’re going up in the world. (I dun imagine anyone seriously deluded themselves into the belief that MIT’s involvement is going to disuade anyone one ; I do imagine MIT thought itself large enough to absorb the shock and not end up like Mt Gox as a result – which is just as silly, but not necessarily visible from Boston).

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  1. It’s worth adding both Wladimir and Cory to your list of ‘strongly suspected USG agents’ list. I know I have.
  2. Well, now look who’s coming to their senses and recognising the legitimate bitcoin foundation as the beating heart of the source code !
  3. Ha !!
  4. Ahem, unlike the scam foundation.
  5. Indeed, La Serenissima is most certainly self-funded, to say nothing of self-motivated. Our army could be nothing less.
  6. Too bad the guy doesn’t have a stock to short like some of the other DERPs.

14 thoughts on “USGavin’s headless body moves on, #bitcoin-assets moves up.

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