Some photos from a boys weekend in May.

The girl was out of town at a bachelorette party this past weekend,i so it was just the heir apparent and I left to our own devices.ii What did we get up to ? For one, mini-golf at Fort Edmonton.iii

mini golf at fort edmonton

Monkey bar dangling.

monkey bars - 1

Tea time.

tea time


up on the shoulders

Aside from an afternoon at Fort Edmonton, we enjoyed petting random unattended puppies at the grocery store.

petting the puppy

Rock-climbing at the playground.v

rock climbing

Not to mention a visit to the swimming pool, a trip to the farmer’s market, dinner out (phó), a few car-naps, an airport pick-up in Blackzilla, and a lot less PJ Masks than you’d expect. I even squeezed in a pair of 5km runsvi in betwixt and between all the other running around.

So did we survive without mom ? Goshdarnit I’d say we thrived!

___ ___ ___

  1. The girl had #2 in tow but so too did she have our nanny for support. Having help around the house, much less on personal trips, certainly isn’t the custom around these parts, but by golly does it make a world of difference to one’s mental and physical well-being. There’s no money better spent if you’re the kind of chap who likes maintaining relationships, preserving sanity, and maximising productivity. I’d trade all the fancy cars and watches to keep our nanny around.
  2. It was Memorial Day weekend for our friends down south, but it was just a perfectly sunny, cloudless, and temperate 22ºC weekend in Edmonton. It was also fairly quiet around town. Everyone must’ve been out at the cabin or on the golf course or something.
  3. Fort Edmonton is a historic-themed amusement park of sorts located in the city’s river valley. It has working street cars, steam engines, trading posts, bakeries, cafes, churches, masonic halls, stately houses, barnyard animals galore, and more, including an actual fort. Since Edmonton is about as new as Bitcoin in relative terms, this means that “olden times” are only the 1880s here. Still, it pays to know where you came from and it’s a brilliant place for munchkins to burn off some energy.  
  4. Toldja this was a daddy blog! You didn’t believe me… Quien es su papi ahora ?
  5. That’s quite a lot of boy innit. Especially for one 32 months old. He’s 3’6″ now, which puts him in the bottom 5%… for a 6-year-old. Basically, every Grade 1 class has a boy his size. His dexterity and language skills are obviously nowhere near as advanced, maybe in the early 3s, but there still hasn’t been the expected regression to the mean on essentially any score. It bodes well for him landing in the vanishingly thin “have” class as a young adult, but these are still early days.
  6. 5.09km in 25:14 with 80m elevation change and 5.03km in 26:05 with 107m elevation change. Not bad for old bones!  

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