Review: 2010 BMW Z4 sDrive 30i/35i – SLKification


I waited. Hanging out with the General Manager of Bavaria BMW. Waited for the 2010 Z4 to appear from its climate-controlled underground lair. I asked only for a manual transmission, not being brave enough to ask for the N54 in the 35i. The conversation started at golf, then drifted to vacation. Then to car design. Then back to golf. Finally, the Titanium Silver Metallic 30i appeared in my peripheral vision. The top was up and under the overcast late-summer sky, it had all the presence I could have asked for – like something costing twice as much. I caught myself staring at its profile and noting the length of the hood relative to the rest of the vehicle. It’s at least a third, maybe even four-tenths. A classic, long-bonnet GT where the driver is slung back over the rear wheels. What kind of effect will those proportions have over the driving experience? Can something that looks like that still be gunning for Porsche’s mid-engined pup?

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