Canadian Government Follows US Lead, Rejects GM/Chrysler Viability Plan


Follow the Leader, according to Wikipedia, is a children’s game that has everyone line up behind the Leader and mimic his or her actions. This is basically like Simon Says except without the talking. People who fail to follow the Leader’s actions are “out” until there is only one person left; that person then becomes the Leader for the next round.

This may seem like just another kid’s game, but unlike Duck-Duck-Goose, it teaches kids an important lesson in assimilation and acceptance. Although they most certainly don’t realize it at the time, children who play Follow the Leader learn to mimic one another – a useful skill in adult social situations but a dangerous one for nurturing independent thought.

Why am I going off on a tangent about games that kids play? Because our Prime Minister Stephen Harper evidently excelled at these games as a boy and we are now observing the consequences. In this auto industry bailout “game”, US President Barack Obama is the Leader and Stephen Harper is one of the Followers. I have no doubt that Mr. Harper will outlast the other followers of Mr. Obama; Harper wants is that badly. But so what? What are the consequences of having a Prime Minister whose CV consists of children’s games?

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