Chicago Auto Show 2009: Hyundai Reaches In, Grabs Right Hold Of Your Heart (Hyundai Genesis Coupe)


So that’s what a design masterwork looks like.  Ah.  And it was designed in Irvine, California?!?!  Why Hyundai, I do believe you’ve outdone yourself on this one.  And apparently, I’m far from the only one—the Hyundai Genesis has just won the 2009 Canadian Car of the Year award as determined by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada.  There’s a design team that should ask for a nice, fat raise in pay.

But you didn’t come here to read my blathering on about how astoundingly gorgeous this car is.  Chances are good you’re doing enough of that yourself.  So while there’s a tiny bit more wordiness after the jump, there’s also a nice gallery. Click right this way, won’t you?

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