Review: 2007ish Mercury Grand Marquis (1987 Ford Crown Victoria)


I spent a week this past summer on the water at Martin Lake in Northern Saskatchewan cruising around in a Campion 595. This isn’t to say that I know my boats, far from it. I just know what it is like to enjoy the open water with a beer in hand and to feel like I have Meniere’s disease afterwards. In the future, I will know to expect this sensation when boating and I will also know not to exasperate it with alcohol. What I didn’t expect was to feel the same vertigo-like symptoms again (and so soon) on a recent spur-of-the-moment trip to the World Golf Village and area in Northeastern Florida. I wasn’t even planning on seeing much water on the trip (other than the veritable ocean surrounding the 17th at the TPC at Sawgrass) so it was with great surprise that I felt an odd sensation of déjà vu when I took the first I-95 on-ramp with a little too much zest in the rental car.   

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