Editorial: Why is creativity being squandered?

Lexus is not known for making particularly interesting vehicles to people who value driving involvment and aesthetics. Which isn’t to say that Lexuses have no value; their vehicles certainly appeal to people who value comfort, luxury, and status symbols, of that there is no question. Lexus teased us with the IS-F by showing the automotive public that they can make vehicles that stir the soul.

So when Lexus was set to redesign the popular RX model, they first showed us a rather staggering concept called the LF-Xh (pictured above). Looks good doesn’t it? I think it looks phenomenal actually, especially for an SUV. Very aggressive, very bold, very sleek. It looks like it was injected with straight testosterone. When was the last time I, or anyone else, said that about any Lexus product? Now compare this to the last gen RX, and you would think that there was hope for Lexus afterall. Errr… no. You only have to look at the final product of the redesign (that Lexus will actually sell to the public for 2010) to see how far they still have to come. See what I mean after the jump. 
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