Desiring to desire, or desiring to suffer because all desiring is suffering.

What does Pete desire in the year 2020, for the fresh new decade ahead ?

I desire to impressi

I desire to make my parents proudii

I desire to be surrounded by art (love)

I desire to support the artsiii

I desire for my wife to know love and acceptance

I desire for my children to know their father as a young man

I desire to explore

I desire to learn and absorb

I desire to travel the world

I desire to leave an impact

I desire to work with brilliant and positive people everyday

I desire autonomy

I desire to stay up late and sleep in

I desire to make breakfast with my children

I desire to dance

I desire to win

I desire to think young even when my body’s old

I desire to be energetic

I desire to be open to new ideas

I desire to be optimistic

I desire to be disciplined

I desire to be richiv

I desire to earn my priviledge

I desire tradition

I desire to think long-term

I desire to dream of a brighter future

I desire to think holistically

I desire to be pragmatic

I desire to take risks

I desire to experience the finer things in life

I desire to be humble

I desire to be grateful

I desire to suffer
___ ___ ___

  1. Weirdly, moreso people whom I grew up with, particularly the soi-dissant “cool kids” who shunned me, knowingly or not, than people I’m currently friends with (ie. people I met in University or thereafter). Hell, even impressing strangers and very loose acquaintances scratches the itch nicely. But for people I’m friends with, a degree of modesty feels most appropriate. Not that I actually want to “flex” on the “cool kids” of yesteryear, I just like knowing that I could. My shoulder, it’s chipped! And/or this is just what social domination looks like in praxis.
  2. After going through their wills and estates over the holidays, I’m quite certain of the fact that they are indeed proud of me already, but tides can turn and I’ll be damned if my little brother gets the better of me again (indeed, the little punk was himself one of the soi-dissant cool kids of yesteryear!).
  3. Indeed, it has already begun.
  4. Rich, yes, though not famous per se. Interestingly, this makes me the opposite of your typical “influencer” who works their buns off to get “famous” then works their buns off again to try monetise the bloody thing. No thanks!

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