Flexin’ @ 1

“A-Bot” aka “Little Fish” aka “Ari” just turned 1-year-old last week and he took this opportunity to grow the fuck up, get with the times, and start flexin’ on dem bitches.i I’m trying to keep him humble but I tell ya it ain’t easy keeping hustlers down, especially when they’re so darned cute! This littlest fambly member doesn’t get enough airtime on these pages (because first is first) but that doesn’t mean that we need to ignore him completely. So let’s shine dat spotlight!ii

Flexhibit A : Air Jordans,iii Kenzo sweatpants,iv over-sized Maui t-shirt,v and a very rough and tumble camo hoodie.viAri - 1 year old - 1

Flexhibit B : Although A-Bot is “our little one” and a solid three sigmasvii smaller than his brother was at this age, he’s still in the 95% for height, weight, head size, etc., and therefore comfortably in size 2 clothing and very nearly as large as the two-year-old across the Brio table from him at our favourite bookstore.

Ari - 1 year old - 2

Flexhibit C : Don’t let ‘em see you smile! It shows weakness. Even though he’s the best little baby we can imagine – eating well, sleeping better, happy, quiet, self-determined, growing big and strong, etc. etc., he made sure to stay stone cold for this photo opp, cracking only the faintest grin.

Air - 1 year old - 4
Happy birthday little man!

___ ___ ___

  1. The greatest things about “streetwear,” and arguably high-fashion generally, are that it can be whatever you want it to be as long as you own it, that it transcends economic class, that it starts conversations (extra important given our current unemployment situation), and that it can be extremely serious or extremely funny depending on your perspective, and sometimes even both!
  2. Now that Ari’s starting to be old enough to genuinely interact with, I’m actually interested in doing so! Funny how that works. Whereas he was clearly his mother’s child for the first year of life, and will still largely be for the second, he’s starting to make the turn towards being my son. Niko, at 3.5, is well into dad territory and it’s an absolute joy. I get all the respect! 
  3. A birthday gift from his uncle.
  4. A birthday gift from his art-obsessed father.
  5. A birthday gift from his grandparents that reads “HUMU, HUMU, NUKU, NUKU, APUA’A, PARDON ME” because kids with manners are cute as shit and kids who travel (or delegate traveling if they’re still too young) are ballin’ as shit. Also, over-sized is so right-sized right now, if you know what I mean. This t-shirt is also the literal intersection of, as Virgil Abloh would say, the tourist and the purist.
  6. From model’s personal collection.
  7. Not quite 36 sigmas, but still a healthy delta!

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