Articulated expressions.

G External Hinges - 1

G External Hinges - 2

G External Hinges - 3

G External Hinges - 4

G External Hinges - 5

G External Hinges - 6

G External Hinges - 7

G External Hinges - 8

G External Hinges - 9

G External Hinges - 10

G External Hinges - 11

G External Hinges - 12

You don’t see a lot of external automotive door hinges these days, which is a shame because they’re beautifully masculine objects – exposed, functional, and confident in their imposition.i

So here’s what each of them looks like on the new W463A. There are twelve in total (if you count trunks and hoods as “doors”)… can you pick up on the pictographic sequence ? There’s a pattern – and yes, also PPF.

Why does any of this matter ? Because the most sustainable objects are the most beautiful objects. And if you’ve any question as to the longevity of this present Gilded Age, well, nothing lasts forever, but the relics that survive will be timeless and beautiful ones like these. That’s something worth celebrating.
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  1. The original Mini Cooper had external door hinges, as did the Range Rover Classic and Land Rover Defender, and as recently as the 1990s little darlings like the Nissan Pao had them, but today it’s really just Wranglers and G-Wagens with external door hinges. As a design element, they’ve definitely lost favour with the CAD drawers and bean counters, if so too with the increasingly feminised consumer base.

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