Touch Bar poetry.

What does an AI stream of consciousness look like ? Verbal diarrhea ? Deeply philosophical musing ? Ones and zeroes ? How about poetry ?

Below are the results of just such an inquiry using a demo MacBook Pro. After opening a new note, the first stanza was achieved by pressing the leftmost (of three) predictive text buttons repeatedly on the Touch Bar,i the second stanza the middlemost, and the third the rightmost. The little robot running on a hamster wheel inside was primed with nothing more than whatever prospective buyers typed in when testing out its keyboard :

MacBook Touchbar poetry

Betcha didn’t know AI could be so gossipy, eh ? It’s clearly getting better. Or perhaps just more confident.ii In any event, it’s really no worse than your average forum posting in 2019. Just not quite at Shakespeare yet. Or even Ye.
___ ___ ___

  1. Touch Bar is Apple’s answer to a problem no one was asking : what could you do with the F-key real estate if you gave it its own operating system ? Within the next year or two, you can expect Touch Bar to be standard on all new MBP models, not just the higher-end ones. MBA models will follow suit shortly thereafter. Get your boring old F-keys while you can. 
  2. Dilbert January 8 2018 - AI

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