Sky cats and ice skates.

On a cooly brooding April afternoon, never fully contented with our backyard despite its beauteous bounty, our cat Benny decided to inspect the nearby cable and electrical connections a little more closely. Maybe he thought CAT-6 had something to do with him ?

Halfways up the ladder to rescue him was I when the fire department showed up. After a full hour of incessant meowing, a concerned neighbour had made the call. Had I been able to find the cat before I went on my Saturday afternoon jog through the river valley, I might’ve been the hero. Or the fried crisp. But maybe the hero!

Electric Benny - 4

Not that the six-pack of six-packs picked up where I left off. Oh no. The utility poles being the domain of the utility company, the (very gentlemanly) firefighters did nothing more than keep us and our rubber-necked neighbours company while we waited for Epcori to arrive, which they did 20 minutes later in a truck 2/3rds the size of the EFR machine.

Electric Benny - 5

Easily over 70-years-old, the utility serviceman calmly crimped and shimmied his way up the pole, took a moment to introduce himself to Benny, and then relaxedly brought the perturbed pet back to terra firma.


That wasn’t even the most exciting part of the weekend. I also laced ‘em up at the new Rogers Place arena!

Rogers Place - 1

It was the first time in 3-4 years that I’d strapped on blades, so I squeezed the most out of the ice time and circled the rink lap after lap after lap, inhaling the warm arena air and absorbing the intimately opposite perspective.ii The only time I stopped in the entire session was at centre ice (below), where the puck will drop for playoff hockey for the first time in 11 years next week.

Rogers Place - 2

Between games, the reader will be pleased to learn that the Rogers Place ice surface can be rented by anyone. And at just $3300/hr, it’d make a sweet venue for a birthday party one of these years, y’know ?

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  1. The local monopoly.
  2. The seats at the top of the lower bowl seem much closer from ice level than from the seats themselves. I can see why Garth Brooks sold out 9 consecutive shows here last month. He could make eye contact with every one of the 20k in attendance.

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