Trumpreich commenceth : The final moments of a “close” US Presidential Election and the tasting of sweet, sweet progressive butt-tears.

[06:10:51] <pete_d> Lel. On RTi coverage, fillie covering CRAZY PANIC in California mentioned today’s bitcoin price surge ~before~ gold price surge. A good day for The Republic, all the way around!
[06:12:18] <mod6> o7

[06:15:27] <pete_d> << juicy live feed from Clitler HQ.
[06:15:41] <pete_d> “People can’t quite make sense of what happened.”ii
[06:15:52] <pete_d> And “people are leaving” !!1

[06:23:17] <pete_d> << There’s gotta be enough dumb mediajews there that ~someone’s~ handing out passover parsley. Nothing goes with delishus butt-tears like bitter herbs.
[06:23:17] <a111> Logged on 2016-11-09 04:52 mircea_popescu: Ahhh the crying women at Hillary place. Delishius tears!

[06:27:36] <pete_d> “If trump wins, it’s a landslide that NOONE PREDICTED” ~RT talking headiii
[06:33:13] <pete_d> << UK betting website ‘Paddypower’ to pay out double after paying out pro-Clinton bettors THREE WEEKS EARLY BECAUSE HOW NOT. OMFG this is like the Lulz Christmas.
[06:40:20] <pete_d> “Canada immigration website crashes due to americans trying to flee trump.”iv

[06:40:39] <pete_d> PA locked down for Trump.
[06:46:42] <pete_d> 264-215.
[06:55:07] <BingoBoingo> BRB, sleep.

[06:56:20] <pete_d> Now’s the time to drop by Clitler HQ and ask any straggling, teary-eyed cuties “Hey girl, what’s wrong ?”. RFN.
[07:05:54] <pete_d> Bwahahhaha, “Clinton will not talk tonight”… just… Podesta!v
[07:06:47] <pete_d> Clinton is “tired” and is therefore leaving her javitz center supporters absofuckinglutely
[07:08:32] <pete_d> After all the brouhaha that “Trump won’t accept loss and is a very bad person mkay” and now she’s too much of a fucking coward to talk to a crowd of fellow losers ? Hypoclit!

[07:09:21] <pete_d> Maine called for Clitler.vii just 3 electoral votes, Trump gets 1 from the state.
[07:11:33] <trinque> The guy’s 4 electoral votes away from 270, senate’s already under control of whichever party holds white house (and election’s not over), house is solidly red
[07:12:33] <trinque> And the supreme court is his to make what, at least one, probably several appointments over time
[07:13:06] <trinque> USG belongs to the hairdo. I’m still curious if the hairdo belongs to CIA/NSA.
[07:13:38] <trinque> Time will tell.

[07:36:32] <pete_d> 276-218.
[07:36:37] <pete_d> It’s over.
[07:36:47] <trinque> Aha, and Senate went to 51
[07:37:01] <pete_d> Donald Trump is the 45th president of these United States of Amerika.viii

[07:38:22] <trinque> Lesser socialist party of soi disant republic gives one last spasm of “no srsly we can 90s again”
[07:38:25] <trinque> It’s gonna be weird.ix
[07:42:01] <trinque> Meanwhile the currency of the world’s only sovereign strengthens against US paperthinger.

[07:42:14] <trinque> !~ticker
[07:42:15] <jhvh1> trinque: Bitfinex BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 738.92, Best ask: 739.55, Bid-ask spread: 0.63000, Last trade: 739.09, 24 hour volume: 18250.57481051, 24 hour low: 703.0, 24 hour high: 741.1, 24 hour vwap: None

[07:45:21] <pete_d> What a second birthday, eh mod6 ?x
[07:46:07] <pete_d> I think Pence is about to cry.

[07:47:20] <ben_vulpes> Ahaha this is going to be so much FUN.
[07:47:49] <trinque> Portland is gonna implode from butthurt, man.xi
[07:48:04] <ben_vulpes> Oh god america is going to be so great.
[07:48:15] <ben_vulpes> I’m going to ride a butthurt contact high for months.xii
[07:48:22] <ben_vulpes> TA RUMP TA RUMP

[07:49:10] <pete_d> Now the real questions begin : will Trump use own jet in lieu of Air Bahamas ?
[07:50:07] <pete_d> Man trump only rolls with dimes eh.
[07:52:24] <trinque> Oh man.
[07:52:35] <trinque> Anybody else loving the butthurt cam in the top right of trump’s live feed?

___ ___ ___

Addendum November 9, 2016 : Trumpreich announces first 100 day plan. Albertans hail most glorious leader and return of KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE!!1

___ ___ ___

  1. Russia Television, ie. the “largest program of education of one group of idiots at the expense of another, “read this so you don’t get stupid enough we have to nuke you” extant.”
  2. Really ? They can’t ? Were their heads entirely up their own asses facebook feeds for the entirety of 2016 ? I seriously dunno how anyone of voting age, much less voting worthiness, could’ve missed Brexit, Duterte, and the continued dominance of Putin and Assad. Trump fits the Chinese mould.
  3. No… one… ? And I quote from August 2015 :

    In a reality tv show, the contestants vie for the adoration and respect of fellow contestants and viewers at home through a series of constructed contests over a period of weeks and even months. In some such contests, the viewers decide who wins the competition, in others it’s objectively determined, and in others still, fellow contestants select the victor.

    Now anyone who can convince me that this definition doesn’t also fit like a glove on the hand of US populist politics wins a big shiny bitpenny. You know where the comments section is.

    Furthermore, anyone who doesn’t see that Donald Trump’s formative experience starring in 14 seasons of The Apprentice as a nearly insurmountable advantage in terms of dealing with cameras and the media – the most important tools of the 24/7 news networks and their “social media” arms – just isn’t thinking hard enough. It’s his to lose and there seems to be nothing he can say to lose it.

  4. Lelzy newz headline. Fuckin’ vox populi. Despite all their “predictions” and “polls” they still got smacked upside the head six ways to Sunday, like the Cleveland Indians fans who thought the series was “in the bag” in game 5 of the ’16 WS.
  5. Podesta is the derp who ultimately leaked all of his email correspondence with Shillary, revealing the full depths of her pedophilic sex trafficking and to-the-marrow corruption.
  6. Because this is how progressives fail.
  7. Have to give the old trombone one last tug, y’know ?
  8. Until Trump repeals 98% of welfare legislation in that monstrous snake pit somehow pretending to be “united,” the “k” in Amerika stands. Until the brownshirts (Sturmabteilung) clean up the streets of LA, until the work camps open for business, until half of both Democratic and Republican parties are behind bars, until the civil service is gutted to a tenth of its current size, and for as long as Trump is promising “world class infrastructure” and “jerbs” then he’s still the leader of a middling banana republic and little else besides.
  9. trinque lives in Texas, a “closely contested” state that comfortably went to Trump, 53-43.
  10. Shane is co-head of The Real Bitcoin Foundation, which celebrated its second birthday on November 8th as well.
  11. Ben lives in Portland with his wife, son, and C3 Corvette. He’s the most active young (jewish) family man in the Republic. An example for the rest of us, even if he does live in the heart of the beast.
  12. He’s not the only one. The only thing sweeter than a bottle of Amarone is a bottle of Amarone you earned for being on the right side of history. So I have a couple coming my way because no one gives a shit if “I told you so” is the best you can come up with. You have to make the lesson hurt.

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