The fable of willful ignorance.

The world you know might be a joyous land of apples and honey. It might also be a terrifying place. Regardless, it’s the world you don’t know, whether intentionally or not, that’ll get you.

That’s where the black swans live,i that’s where the monsters and magical alien dragons of pure energy live, that’s where your demise lives.

brendafdez: 0.10 fails miserably to run on a 512 MB RAM + 512 MB swap Debian 7 box. It just keeps crashing :( . Very disappointing bc i wanted to run it on a cheap VPS.
unek: Hello.
brendafdez: Hello, I wasn’t being polite, sorry, just venting the frustration, now it’s rescanning but i don’t hold much hope that it will work.
hearn: Crashing how? OOM kill?
brendafdez: Yes it gets killed. Up until it synchronized some 20 GB everything was fine. Than started crashing and I had to run a script to keep starting it again every time. It finished synchronizing that way, but it still has this issue, it won’t run reliably for too long.
hearn: Yeah half a gig is pushing it. You might be able to play with the dbcache parameters to shrink memory usage a bit. But it’s gonna struggle with 512mb no matter what. I don’t think much effort has gone into RAM optimisation (e.g. all headers are stored in RAM).
brendafdez: I see.

To Brenda’s credit, she didn’t take the willful ignorance of the mighty ostrich-cum-power-rangerii too seriously and she found a solutioniii to the problem she was seeking. This fable teaches four lessons:

1. Who you align yourself with and who you take advice from matters a great deal in this world.iv
2. Every problem has a solution.v
3. Saying that there isn’t a solution doesn’t make it so.
4. Willfully ignoring parallel developments is a quick way to out yourself as a state-backed agent. No one else is that

Get your head out of the sand. Don’t be “that guy.

Capiche ?

___ ___ ___

  1. Remember that black swans are observer dependent. The 9/11 hijackers saw their planes-cum-bombs a mile away. You didn’t.
  2. Whose head is on a spike next to Gavin’s.
  3. Limit -dbcache to an integer greater than 4 and less than 100. I tried 50 and it’s working so far.
  4. Whether you’re led down the path to victory or defeat depends entirely on your ability to discern the wheat from the chaff. If this ability isn’t your strength, or even in your toolkit, blame your parents and move on. You’re a grown-up now and you’ve no one to blame but yourself.
  5. The old saying “With money and imagination, anything is possible” certainly applies here.
  6. Fiat states can’t really afford smarter and more capable people. They could pre-Bitcoin, but that window has been closed for a few years now.

9 thoughts on “The fable of willful ignorance.

  1. mh says:

    Keep up the good work Pete!

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