+1 646 480 0703: The New Bitcoin Hotline

Have you ever wondered why Gavin Andresen looks so dashing dressed up as Satoshi? Or why Circle’s new webwallet is so exciting? Or why merchant adoption is so important for Bitcoin to go mainstream?

Then… call the new Bitcoin Hotline!i

And if you’ve ever wondered why the folks at #bitcoin-assets, myself included, make seemingly audacious claims such as “The Bitcoin Foundation is a joke,” or “MPEx is the only Bitcoin exchange that doesn’t come free with a Happy Meal,” or “You’re nobody in Bitcoin unless you’re in the WoT?”

Then… still call the new Bitcoin Hotline!

Starting this week, -assette extraordinaire moiety will be fielding calls and fending off queries on the new Bitcoin Hotline. Now you can actually talk to a live human instead of staring at a screen! Shweet!

Phone: +1 646 480 0703
Skype: bitcoinassets

For time zones, please keep in mind that the lovely moiety is geographically located somewhere northeast of the English Channel, so adjust your watches accordingly.

Also note that moiety will be keeping a blog of conversation summaries. Of course, these summaries will hide any publicly identifiable information.

This has been another #bitcoin-assets-fundedii project.

Any questions?


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  1. And also spend 6-12 months reading #bitcoin-assets logs. You’ve got some serious catching up to do and there’s no faster way.
  2. Riccardo kicked in for the phone line, MP kicked in for moiety’s time. The project has a proposed trial period of 1 year.

One thought on “+1 646 480 0703: The New Bitcoin Hotline

  1. […] this is the moiety of Bitcoin Hotline fame. Have you tried calling her yet? […]

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