Da Streetz: McMerc in Vienna Edition

IMG_0456Welcome back to another edition of Da Streetz, where we chronicle the various automotive wonders on the streets of Edmonton, Canada. Well, that’s what we normally do, but today we’re taking a trip to the one of the former capitals of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna (Budapest was the other capital of the Dual Monarchy).

Along the bustling Kärntner Ring road, one of the many ring roads in the expansive and sprawling metropolis, lies the luxurious Bristol Hotel. In front of the Starwood-allianced hotspot, one would expect to see a 1012hp hand-built Bristol Fighter T. Sadly, there were none to be found. Instead, all I could find was a convertible SLR McLaren. Disappointing, I know. So disappointing in fact, that I just had to take some pictures with my iPhone. Check them out below.

You’ll recall that we’re pretty fond of the SLR around here. Hell, we’ve featured it in a an episode of How Hard Can It Be?, and we’ve chronicled the tennis match that shaped it. But seeing one in the flesh in an altogether more engaging experience. Too bad the owner didn’t drop the top.

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  1. [...] on the Viennese streets, not far from where we saw the SLR Roadster, an arrow-straight Lancia 2000 HF. Strangely, this seemed to be missing the chrome grille surround [...]

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