Chicago Auto Show 2009: Genesis (Is Bigger Than Phil Collins)


As you may have imagined, putting on an auto show is hard work. It takes the skill and dedication of untold numbers of people to make it all work, placing each brick next to their neighbour’s and hoping like hell someone remembered to mix the mortar correctly. Where do we fit in as writers and enthusiasts of this stuff? I’d like to imagine we’re tiny specks of colourful grit; occasionally irritating, but overall quite essential to the look and feel of the finished product. In reality, though, it’s possible that someone’s just overmixed me, as I’ve now been awake since 2:30am and am somehow thinking this all makes sense as I type it.


There’s a lot to write about, and far more than I’m going to get to before I pass out in a rather undignified heap at my keyboard. We’ve also got scads of photos to show you that you won’t see anywhere else (unless, of course, they’re borrowed from us). But for now, I’ll leave you with a teaser photo of the Hyundai Genesis drift car that’s on display, as well as the full collection of all my live Twitter haiku-ing whilst traversing the show floor today. Real, substantive posts (with real, substantive, mouth-watering photos) shall be posted tomorrow. You won’t want to miss them.
CAS ’09 CarEnvy Live Haiku Twitter Feed

1.) First up, Subaru
Experience beauty of
all-wheel-drive breakfast

2.) Subie shares the love
we’re waiting anxiously
perhaps they’re chasing it first

3.) Counting not strong suit
forgive lapse in line numbers
secret numlexic :)

4.) Subie booth mashups
“Somebody Told Me Rock the Casbah”
What would Strummer drive?

5.) Subaru gave back
recordbreaking year for them
some corps do still care

6.) I’m not naming names
but “chance” as a given one
couldn’t make it up

7.) Mazda CX-7
Toronto, not Chicago
No love, CAS

8.) Dutch Mandel’s defensive
how I wish I had popcorn
“ass calibration”

9.) Genesis coupe
So delightful to behold
Feels good as it looks

10.) Transformers booth girl
Tackling passersby in heels
Must have schools for that

11.) Gem really means well
And it’s truly outrageous
Not as intended

12.) Get behind Cubism
It looks quite nice that way, yes
Where’s the Dada car?

13.) Warm and inviting
what does Kia’s Soul look like?
Soulster is cooler

14.) Too much chrome, you guys
JCW MINI Clubman
Otherwise awesome

15.) Brabus’d up ForTwo
Fantastic moonroof of dreams
Told you so, US

16.) Oh yeah, the Stingray
Those mirrors are quite lovely
Nicer in person

17.) That Lancer [Sport]back
Is all kinds of gor-ge-ous
Spin that turntable

(I was apparently tired by this point, as my original Tweet read “Lancer Fastback.” Oops.)

18.) MiEV from Mitsu
Channeling the Eliica
Yay in-wheel motors!

19.) “Douchenozzlery,” what?
Surprising Powerpoint from
JD Power boys

[Photos: Joe Lucente]

2 thoughts on “Chicago Auto Show 2009: Genesis (Is Bigger Than Phil Collins)

  1. Stirling says:

    I imagine Dada cars would lead to some truly horrible accidents.

  2. Janaki says:

    What I think is rather funny is that the Cube is so…symmetrical. ;)

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