BCH / BCC to BTC brokerage

I, Pete Dushenski, am hereby offering to broker Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) to BTC for a one-time, all-in fee of 5%.i Others are charging upwards of 10%! Forsooth, if only all markets were so healthy and competitive.

In order to pounce on this very sexy offer, you must have a PGP key and a pre-Aug 1 privkey from which the BTC have been SPENT. These SPENT privkeys will then be encrypted to my key along with your instructions for the sales order – be it “limit order @ 0.XX BTC,” “market dump,” or otherwise – and a BTC return address. To recap :

0. Have BCH/BCC privkey.
1. Encrypt and sign BCH/BCC privkey (ie. SPENT BTC privkey), sales order instructions, and return BTC address to my PGP key.
2. Post message in the comments herebelow or with !~later tell in #trilema on IRC.
3. Order will be confirmed within 24 hours. Order will be then processed according to instructions, which could take a few minutes for a market dump or a few months for a particularly optimistic limit order.

That’s it! If I’m not in your L1 and you don’t trust me directly, you’re encouraged to ask any mutual connections in our respective WoTs. Or you can hit up another broker. Or you can do it yourself! Or you can hodl your bigblockcoinz and see what happens. It’s quite up to you, but with prices in the 0.18 range at the time of writing, the time certainly looks ripe to cash in on your Cash.

Questions ? Orders ? Let’s hear ‘em!

___ ___ ___

  1. Like mike_c, my maximum fee is 10 BTC but I don’t have a minimum. []